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Lisbon - Chocolate Glazed Shrunken Bison


Lisbon service boot in Chocolate Glazed Shrunken Bison. Bison leather features a rugged yet bright polished surface that is filled with a unique grain and texture. The term "shrunken" refers to a specific tanning process that causes the leather to shrink and become more dense, resulting in a stronger and more durable leather.  Made in Spain.    

For sizing guidance, please refer to our sizing chart found here

Each boot is crafted from authentic leather, which may exhibit minor scratches, blemishes, and non-uniform coloring. These are inherent traits of the natural material and its finishing.  

Construction Goodyear welted construction 
Leather  Glazed Shrunken Bison - Maverick Leather
Sole  Vibram Londra 
Insole  Vegetable Tanned Leather 
Lining  Full Grain Calf 
Last  Wayne 
Width  D
Style Number 59047



Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Where the buffalos roam

I purchased a pair of “B” grade boots, but they are only B grade in name only. Everything about the boots from material quality to finishing is top notch. The fact that Kevin is so meticulous speaks volumes about himself and the brand. Kevin was very quick to respond and answer any questions, and shipped the day of. The boots run true to size and the Wayne last is comfortable and has just enough almond shape to give the boots a dressy casual look. These boots can do it all from business casual to late night shenanigans. I look forward to seeing the brand grow and seeing the awesome things Kevin has cooked up his sleeve.

Awesome Quality - Unique Leather

I purchased factory seconds of the Lisbon Shrunken Bison. It was super cool to directly talk with Kevin. He was very responsive, generally responding within 30 mins of my emails, and sent pictures of the actual seconds for me to decide.

The boots are super cool. The shrunken bison is unlike any other leather I have. The quality is excellent. If you gave these to me, I would not have known they were seconds. Like everyone else, recommend staying True To Size. Best of luck to Kevin and really interested to see what he brings in teh future.

Great boot in super interesting leather

I got a pair of seconds from Kevin and honestly, i wouldn't have thought these were anything but firsts. A little wrinkling of the bison on the quarters, but it was going to do that after 1 wear anyway.

The fit is great at true to size. Feels very solid on foot and almost disappears, in a good way. No hot spots, pinching etc.

I will say that the toe is longer\pointier than i thought it would be from the product and review photos. More dressy than i imagined.

The bison is awesome. i have a pair of Grant Stone field boot moc toes made with Seidel's bison. This is similar visually, but the "glaze" elevates it from a workbook type leather, to a more sophisticated feel while still capturing the neat variation of bison. Sunlight really brings out the reds.

Dale Basista

Incredible pair of service boots!! The glazed chocolate color allows for all the unique character of the leather to manifest. The peaks retain a dark color whereas the valleys are lighter, putting the amazing color variation on full display. I am a 9 brannock and thought I’d need an 8.5 however I tried the 9’s and I find these boots to run true to size. The sole is Vibram version of the ridgeway and is very supportive and grippy. Kevin hits the nail on the head with all of his makeups and these are no exception!!!

Nicholas Claus
Shrunken Bison

Great pair of service boots at a great price. The build is fantastic , stitching and all. Kevin was very great to work with. They ran out of the 9 in my size but offered to send me the 9.5 and see how I liked them and if they didnt work I would be able to send them back with out question. Well , I ended up keeping the 9.5 and they fit decent, but will fit even better with a thicker sock. Really wanted to try a shrunken bison service boot and these fit the bill. Im very curious what the company offers in the future , going to be paying attention to Caswell in the future.